(May 28-31) - We are temporarily out of stock of Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey® models and PF-2 filters at our Quick-Ship Distribution Center.  (we can temporarily fulfill some orders that include PF-2 Fluoride filters by shipping  from Canada.) We will post an update once we have an ETA on the replenishment of these two popular water filter  systems. Inventory can change very quickly due to demand and the limited quantities coming into the Quick Ship Distribution Center. Check here for inventory updates.

WE ARE NOT TAKING PHONE CALLS AT THIS TIME. See bottom of page for email address.  VERIFY YOUR CONTACT INFO IS CORRECT.  If your email address or cell phone number is incorrect, you wont receive order confirmation or updates.

You'll receive an email and/or text when a shipping label is processed for your package. [check your e-mail spam folder]  Your Invoice will be available for pdf download on your Order Status Page

Porch piracy is on the rise during Covid-19. It is your responsibility to track the progress of your package. Fed Ex, UPS and USPS are not accepting signatures and will leave package at your door. Make sure you are home to receive your package. If your package has been successfully delivered we will not be responsible for reimbursement.

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* You will have 3 hours from the time you order to SELF cancel or SELF edit your order.  (after 3 hours we will send your  order to the warehouse ) We will extend this on weekends.

*Shipping for most items is from Hurst Texas. (unless otherwise stated in product listing.) alternate shipping locations are Colorado and Canada)

We are not taking phone calls at this time - For changes to order or any info not available on this site, please email us @  mailto:berkeywaterusa@yahoo.com  We check email constantly and respond to every email.