UPDATE: 9-15-2021; We have limited supply of Royal Berkey model in stock.   Come back here for inventory news. There will be 3-4 days delay in fulfillment from warehouse

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* Unless its a warranty issue, We will NOT accept a RETURN / EXCHANGE if water has been cycled through the system. You MUST receive RETURN AUTHORIZATION before returning items to us.

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* For cancellation or changes to order or any info not available on this site, please email us @  mailto:berkeywaterusa@yahoo.com  We check email constantly and respond to every email.

* Prices of Blemished systems can fluctuate depending on degree of scratches and/or dents

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION; While the system can
efficiently purify raw untreated water, always use the cleanest, clearest water possible.  As an additional precaution, if using a source of water that you believe might contain extreme viral and bacteriological contamination, it recommended by the CDC, EPA and other organizations that approximately 16 drops of plain bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or iodine per gallon to treat the source water before purifying.

This should kill minute pathogens such as viruses in approximately 30 minutes. The disinfectant will then be removed after cycling the treated water through the Berkey System.