Shipping cost (including AK / HI / PR )

Shipping Cost

Shipping is from the Berkey warehouse in Salida Colorado. The fulfillment and shipping process of your order is between 4-7 business days. When your order is shipped, we will send you a tracking number to your email or mobile phone.

Berkey Water USA ships to the following;

Lower 48 States Shipping costs

Purchase from;

  • * $15.00 to $98.99 will be $15.00 shipping charge
  • $99.00 + is free shipping

    Purchases from;

    • * $15.00 + will be $15.00 shipping charge

    Hawaii / Puerto Rico Shipping costs

    Purchases from;

    • * $15.00 + will be $25.00 shipping charge

      Shipping costs will be automatically generated within your cart

      smaller packages (under 2lbs) and shipping to remote areas will usually be USPS,

      larger packages will ship UPS, FED Ex or other.

      *$15 is our minimum purchase requirement

      For more info on shipping, refunds, exchanges and warranty. please visit our Customer Service page. (in a new window)

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