Berkey Introduction & Info.

Berkey Water Filter Systems

Everything you need to know in choosing the right system for you (lots of great info)- The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Berkey Water Filtration system  (click here)


Berkey® systems are available in seven different sizes, (video) from a 1 quart system to a 6 gallon system.

Each system comes standard with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements and other accessories needed to get your Berkey System "up and running".  (The Go Berkey comes standard with 1 Element). The white shaded circles in the image below illustrates the number of filtration elements you can expand up to. The blue shaded circles in the image below indicate the standard two filters that already come with each system. If you choose not to maximize filter performance, you will block unused holes (white shaded holes in image) in the upper chamber with plugs that are included with each system.

  • Go Berkey will hold maximum of 1 filter.
  • The Berkey Light can hold a maximum of 4 filters.
  • Travel Berkey will hold maximum of 2 filters
  • Big Berkey & Royal Berkey can hold a maximum of 4 filters
  • Imperial Berkey can hold a maximum of 6 filters
  • Crown Berkey can hold maximum of 8 filters

How to Calculate Use

For typical daily use, multiply the (# of people in your group) X (.5 gallons). In an emergency, multiply (# of people in your group) X (1 gallon). This is the recommended minimum amount of water you may anticipate using each day. A set of Black Purification Elements (#BB9-2) will have a lifespan of 6000 gallons

Look at the chart below to see configuration options for each system. Please note that you can order additional sets of Black Berkey® Purification Elements at any time. We recommend having backup sets on hand in the event of an emergency.

System - Typically Serves
Size Will Hold Max per Hour*
Go Berkey® System - (1-2 People)
14" H x 4" D 1 quart 1 gal / hr

Berkey Light® System - (3-6 people)

21" H x 9" D 2.75 gal 7 gal / hr
Travel Berkey® System- (1-3 People)
18" H x 7.5" D 1.5 gal 2.75 gal / hr
Big Berkey® System - (2-5 People)
19.25" H x 8.5" D 2.25 gal 7 gal / hr
Royal Berkey® System - (3-6 People)
23" H x 9.5" D 3.25 gal 7 gal / hr
Imperial Berkey® System - (4-8 People)
26" H x 10" D 4.5 gal 16.5 gal / hr
Crown Berkey System - (8+ People)
30" H x 11" D 6 gal 26 gal / hr

*This is how much water the system may produce per hour (flow rate) when fully configured with the maximum number of elements.


Visit our Berkey Accessories Collection to Enhance your System with upgrades and other useful items