8 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Arm with Flange

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Match shower arm finish with your shower filter and or shower head.

  • Change your standard 6" shower arm to 8" shower arm.
  •  Finishes include; chrome, brushed nickel and matte black.
  • ISO9001, cUPC, WRAS, ACS certifications
  • Includes 1 roll of Teflon sealing tape

    Universal Fit – This wall-mounted 8" shower arm fits the standard 1/2 inch shower thread in Canada and the United States. No matter what shower head brand you have, this shower arm will satisfy your desire of home improvement. 

    Stylish Designed – shower arm is designed to be used with a variety of shower head styles for a wall-mounted installation with a standard tub or shower. Premium chrome finish and mirror like surface create a bright highly reflective cool grey metallic look. Also comes in brushed nickel and matte black.

    Beautiful and Effective –  It adopts special process technology with widened sealing surface of water outlet to ensure close contact with the sealing gasket of shower head. 95% of shower heads can achieve good water sealing effect without teflon tape, so there’s no need to worry about the beauty of bathroom will be affected by the residue of teflon tapes. NOTE; Use thread sealing tape where shower arm threads into the plumbed in wall fitting-to ensure there are no leaks. Flange will cover up any evidence of thread tape.

    Multi-layer Electroplating – Multi-layer nickel-chromium electroplating process technology, nickel layer can resist corrosion with adhesion, chromium layer can resist scratches with shining effect.

    Not a Sprite product - Made in China by Besllin